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Wreck - A - Car

golf - stag do activity in Krakow, poland

We are sure you all saw Top Gear chaps wrecking different cars and you were thinking - „i want to do it too”. Here is a solution

Commie Style car – perfect gift for a stag!

First you get several spray paints to decorate it properly

then – if only stag can start it – time for a short ride

Afterwards - your team gets heavy hammers to wreck it totally. It is up to you if you will just rip doors off, jump on the roof, brake the windows or roll it over. It is a great fun for everyone

P.S.Polish licence plate, speedometer or a rear view mirror will be a perfect souvenir for the stag to remind him of your crazy trip to Krakow




Just wanted to say thanks for your help with everything; the weekend was a big hit. Lucas was outstanding and typical of the friendly Poles we met over the weekend.

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