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Drug Control - Polish Drug Enforcement Agency

golf - stag do activity in Krakow, poland

The basic idea of this activity is to give the stag a little bit of thrill in a foreign country. Our scenario: We will arrange a VIP lounge in one of the Krakow’s clubs. Involved organizer will bring the stag a small plastic bag of white powder called ,,love potion'' - he just got it from one of the girls by the bar. As soon as he gets it - our undercover agents will come up and arrange an unexpected search action with mild violence. Of course - after they will find ,,love potion” - most dangerous drug, strictly forbidden in Poland - they will handcuff the stag and walk him out to take him to the Police station... for a ,,privacy search”…

Our clients say:

…So realistic I almost shat my nicks!!!Some of you chimps are in the wrong job,get your arses down the theatre for that was top quality acting at its best.Daniel Craig must be shitting himself…Matthew Vaughn & Guy Ritchie would turn this action into a movie!Well done all you evil bastards.


Hi Marcin! How are you. .

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