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Do you want to make your stay in Krakow the trip of your life, the one and only unique?

PIMP YOUR PACKAGE - we are happy to invent, tailor and expand your schedule! - ALL MAD IDEAS are WELCOME! Only sky is the limit!

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Morning Glory

Early morning… it is hard to recover from the wild night before.. Stag is completely wasted.. but suddenly he hears knocking on the door! „Room service” …

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Drug Control - Polish Drug Enforcement Agency

We will arrange a VIP lounge in one of the Krakow’s clubs. Involved organizer will bring the stag a small plastic bag of white powder called ,,love potion”. As soon as he gets it - our undercover agents will come up and arrange an unexpected search action with mild violence.

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Attack Dogs

This was a complete surprise for the „stag”. Officially – boys were going rafting, but suddenly the coach stopped by the small footie stadium ….

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Commie Style Casino

Imagine a private room with original underground communistic style casino. Apart from gambling – Poker , Black Jack and Roulette - accompanied by stunning ladies, you get to try the famous Russian vodka rulete.

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Penny Farthing Lessons

The best way to pick up ladies is to be able to do something completely unusuall. Krakow is the only place in the world where you can actually learn to ride the penny farthing cycle.

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Wreck - A - Car

Commie Style car – perfect gift for a stag! Afterwards - your team gets heavy hammers to wreck it totally. It is up to you if you will just rip doors off, jump on the roof, brake the windows or roll it over. It is a great fun for everyone.

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or invent a new one !

We are able to arrange anything you can dream of

sky is the limit. What is your idea …