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kalashnikov - shooting in Krakow

Ak – 47 „Kalashnikow” - real legend and a king of guns. AK is an abreviation of a constuctors name ( Avtomat Kalashnikova – Kalashnikow’s Automatic) Gun which has been produced in over 50 milion copies. Used all over the globe. Favorite weapon of terrorists, freedom fighters and proffesional soldiers. Emblem of the Eastern Block. You may have seen it on Tv – now you get a chance to feel it kickin’.

This is no messing around. The gun which made american boys drop their M16 in Vietnam and shoot enemy’s weapon as a better one. It is a toy for real men only. It may not be very accurate but it is a powerful death tool. We will let you test it. If you dare – drop us a line.



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Our weekend was fantastic thanks. I absolutely will 100% recommend your service to any others going to Krakow.

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