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Movie preview

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Hi Marcin,

Thanks for such a great time in Krakow. You guys really organised everything well for us! Please pass on our regards to Pavel and Magdalena.

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Day Activities


zakopane snow mobiles

How about testing your winter skills with pprofessional snowmobiles? We will take you on a real expedition through beautifull Tatra mountains fields and forrests.

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This is no messing around. The gun which made american boys drop their M16 in Vietnam and shoot enemy’s weapon as a better one. It is a toy for real men only…

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Cold steel experience

Men have always admired the cold steel beauties. We will let you play with them. There will be a shooting contest. You will get to try your accuracy with three…

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Paintball. We rent polish army training ground for your group - it has trenches, building ruins etc. - the best place in Krakow.

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W. W. R. Project

Looking for strong and unforgettable memories? Here you’ll have more than enough. You will spend about 2 hours of great fun, rafting on the most modern …

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Go - Carting

Go-carting tournament - 3 x 8 min runs per person on a outdoors runing track and a grand vodka prize for the winner.

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MAD Expedition

Let us take you for an extreme ride off the track. We will provide 2 full time 4x4 vehicles of legendary Mercedes G class, to show you what these babies can …

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Check out who the real winner is. 2games accompanied by 2 beers will help you to prove to your mates that it really is technique that matters

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Footie Special

Best fun for boys. Enjoy yourself like during the good old days. 5 a side, refree and the indoor or outdoor pitch ...

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Rafting Extravaganza

We will take you to the wonderful scenery of the Tatra Mountains where you will have a chance to shoot down the wild rapids of crystal clear rivers for …

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Water Park Fun

Water will help you get rid of your hangover. We will get you a full day VIP pass for the biggest Polish indoor water park. You can race your friends up …

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After the wild evening before, you will want to convince us that you are a gentleman. Ok . Prove it!. We will take you for a half hour ride outside of …

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Mission Impossible

So you think Tom Cruise doing his rope trick in “mission impossible” is a tough guy? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Our instructors will sacrifice 3 h to show …

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Eye Popping Dinner

 eye popping dinner - stags do, krakow

What we have for you is our secret recipe for unforgettable entertainment. It will include a private room in a stylish restaurant, 3 course meal - the finest selection of polish dishes, 2 complimentary beers and just for you – a professional private strip show....

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Night Ambience Krakow

 krakow pub crawl - stags in Krakow

Make the very best of your stay in Krakow. For 4 hours our reps will do everything to satisfy the needs of your group. The best pubs, clubs and strip clubs are all yours....

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Vodka Chess

vodka activity, stag do in Krakow

Intellectual, huh? Try some “polish chess” where instead of pieces we use different colorful vodka shots. Even if you are not a Kasparov chess master it is great fun...

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Who Let The Dogs Out? (to eat)

krakow pub crawl, american style dinner - stags in Krakow

Ok, you hungry beast. We have something for you. Let us cater you with an American style meal, served by the most stunning waitresses you will ever see....

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krakow stag tours

Visit to Auschwitz Birkenau state museum is a mindset changing experience. It is a place that everybody should visit. The biggest Nazi concentration camp for prisoners of various nationalities...

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Get to know the wildest side of Krakow. Our entertaining guide will walk out of his skin to provide you with lot of amusing stories that TV would mention only …

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Kazimierz - Jewish Quarter

The trendy location surrounded by buildings that witnessed shocking Holocaust history is also the place where before World War II, Jewish culture flourished for centuries and a film set for Steven Spielbergs Oscar winner.

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Nowa Huta - Communistic District

krakow stag tours

Capitalism in Poland has not won yet! Our socialistic ideas and traditions have survived! They are waiting for us to unify again on this tour in Lenin's favorite Nowa Huta district. Let's follow the footsteps of Fidel Castro together! This unique socialist city has amazing cold war urban ideas, commie architecture and extraordinary ambience! Once competition for Krakow - now a district avoided by tourists.

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Wieliczka - Salt Mine

Imagine the network of amazing underground chambers, drilled out from the inside like eggshells, connected with a web of richly illuminated underground corridors, filled with backlit sculptures made out of translucent salt.

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Airport Transfers - boring

krakow stag tours

Everything you can expect from a professionally arranged airport transfer: comfortable, modern, airconditioned coach, door-to-door transportation and just enough of free time during the relaxing ride.

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Airport Transfers - LIMO

Limos are perfect for traveling in style and arriving with a splash. Luxury equipped interior will ensure a smooth ride an will help you spoil yourself a little bit.

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Airport Transfers - Hitchhiker

krakow stag tours

Basically, this is the scenario: regular airport pick up, then you get on the bus.. after about 5min you see the girl on the side of the road, so our rep will ask you if you want to give her a will all look very natural,- so you have to scream ”yeah, sure, why not..”

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