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Krakow is a very safe place. Anyway we have some basic safety precautions to make sure your stay will not be ruined by any unpleasant adventures. Doing any kind of shopping be discreet while handling your money. Keep your wallet in a safe place and mind out for pickpockets. You should especially be aware – getting on and off the means of public transport, sightseeing and shopping in touristy areas. Do not carry more money than necessary.

The Old town and many other areas are under the police surveillance system and the streets are patrolled by city guards, police and private guards. Ask for their assistance whenever you need help or feel endangered. There is a main old town police station located on the main market square, opposite the town hall tower, next to the WBK BANK and public phones. The officer on duty speaks English.

Whenever you are in the restaurant ask for a printed receipt . You are always entitled to ask the waiter to explain every itemization on the bill.