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Polish is a variety of the Slavic languages. It is the official national language of Poland and is spoken by over 99% of the population. There are absolutely no chances for you to learn it over the weekend. It has complicated grammar, with word endings changing depending on case , number, gender and sometimes just the number of vodkas consumed!

Sometimes what you can hear is not exactly what you think it is. For example:

Fart – means ‘good luck’ . In Poland you are actually a lucky man if you have ‘fart’.

Anyway - Here are basic survival expressions you may find useful:

Hi Czesc [chesh-ch]
Beautiful piekna [pee-enk-na]
I Love you Kocham cie [co – ham – che]
Good bye Zegnaj [zheg – n- eye]


Piwo [peevo]
1 beer JEDNO piwo [yedno peevo]
2 beers DWA piwa [dvah peevah]
3 beers TRZY piwa [tshi peevah]
4 beers CZTERY piwa [ch-teri peevah]
5 beers PIEC piw [pee-inch peev]

Toilets Toalety [tow-ah-leti]
MEN Panowie [pan-oh-vee-eh]
WOMEN Panie [pan-yeah]

Vodka is wodka [vooodkaah !]

Words, absolulety impossible to say when you are drunk:

* No, do not order any more beer for me
* Sorry, you are not my type
* Good evening officer, what a beautiful sky we have today