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Poland (still !!!) is not a very pricey place. The Pound , US dollar and Euro are very strong and local prices are very competitive.

Polish currency is ZLOTY (means ‘golden’) One zloty ( abbreviation = PLN ) equals 100 GROSZY (gro-sch-i). At the moment exchange rate is roughly 4,3 zloty for 1 pound.


Coming to Poland makes you a rich man. The Average price for 1 beer in a pub is 5 zloty, but when you buy it in a shopping centre ( Krakow’s 2 Tescos are open 24h !!!) the price for a 0,5 litre may will be as low as 2 zloty. Please feel free to spoil yourself and help support the Polish economy.


You can easily exchange most major currencies in ‘KANTOR’ exchange offices. They are located throughout the city centre.


Beware of the ones that use “the 0 trick”. They will put additional “0” between 2 first numbers of the average daily exchange rate. So if, for example, you are going to change Ł100 instead of getting 430 zloty (100 X 4.3 zloty) you will receive 403 zloty (100 X 4.03 zloty). You will lose about Ł8. Our Reps will give you detailed information about both the places to avoid and the ones that will help you to get the most of your savings.

In most of the restaurants you can also pay with major credit cards. Visa, Master card, Cirrus and Plus are all ok with ATMs. There are many of them in the city. When you get your money ‘out of the wall’ it will be exchanged in accordance to the daily exchange rate offered by the bank operating the ATM. ( it is usually not as competitive as that at the ‘kantor’ spots. )

Forget about bringing any kind of Pounds other than English – you will not be able to exchange them anywhere in Krakow! And we mean it... on behalf of Polish economy..