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Hitchhikers’ fantasy

golf - stag do activity in Krakow, poland

Basically, this is the scenario: regular airport pick up, then you get on the bus.. after about 5min you see the nice and handsome young man on the side of the road, so our rep will ask you if you want to give him a all has to look natural,- so you have to scream”yeah, sure, why not..”

he gets on the bus and after a short conversation and getting to know the bride he will start the show.. he will put the music on .. usually we seat the bride in the last row, on the central seat and you just have to leave some room for the boy…Believe me ,after arrival to the hotel, bride will be distracted completely :)

Regarding the hitchhikers fantasy - just make sure nobody knows.. it has to be a surprise.. the look of the bride when athletic hitchhiker boards the bus.. PRICELESS :) We cooperate only with professional stripers from Polish Chippendales group.



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